Anne Pro 2 review

Anne Pro 2 review

Quick Overview






  • Good build quality
  • Choice of different switches (Blue, Red or Brown)


  • Difficult to get set up initially
  • Intermittent Bluetooth pairing and USB cable issues reported
  • Better alternatives in this price range

ANNE PRO 2 is a 60% size Bluetooth RGB mechanical keyboard. It’s smart and saves the space of the desk. Although there are only 61 keys, it can be used like a standard 104 -key keyboard by the key combination.  The keyboard is quite customizable with software to change key bindings and RBG backlighting per key. The Double PBT shot key Caps can also be swopped out for any Cherry stem compatible keycaps. be changed

The Anne 2 pro keyboard is a well-built keyboard that has 60% the number of keys of a standard keyboard. Taking up less space, and with different switches available it is geared towards gamers. It comes in a color choice of Black or White along with a selection of either Cherry MX, Gateron or Kailh switches. It's also a fairly configurable keyboard that allows you to use provided software to customize the key bindings and RBG backlighting per key.


  • 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  • Gateron Brown Switches
  • Full Keys Programmable
  • True RGB Backlit
  • Tap Arrow Keys
  • Double Shot PBT Keycaps
  • 1900mAh Battery


  • Height = Sloped height from 4cm at top of keyboard to 2.6cm at bottom
  • Width = 9.7cm
  • Length = 28.4 cm
  • Weight = 1.4 pounds