How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last?

Being a professional gamer does not only require that you put in hours of gaming time each day. It also requires you to have high-performing equipment. Of course, you will need a computer that has a powerful graphics card, as well as a high processing CPU. However, it is the keyboard that can make or break your success.

The issue is that an ordinary keyboard that usually features a rubber membrane is prone to becoming stuck and wearing out. It could also be responsible for ghosting issues. Luckily for you, the mechanical keyboard makes up for most of the issues.

While it comes at a somewhat higher price, an investment of this kind pays off in multiple ways. You will be looking at an overall more attractive gaming setup while enjoying a faster and more reliable keyboard performance.

After we completed some market research, we came to the conclusion that most major brands have more than a few mechanical keyboards to offer. These are brands such as Logitech, Asus, Razer, and SteelSeries. Before deciding on which one is the best for your needs, there are a few questions you might want to ask. One such question should be, how long do mechanical keyboards last?

In order to answer this, we will need to get into the details of the design, as well as the featured advantages. Let’s get right to it!

Who Needs a Mechanical Keyboard?

The answer to this question is nowhere as exclusive as you might think. Yes, professional gamers greatly depend on the keyboard that you are using, but that is not where it ends. In fact, a proper product of this type is very beneficial for freelance writers. It is also great for other people who spend hours clicking on the keys in order to complete certain tasks.

Bearing this in mind, we would suggest a mechanical keyboard to anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis. As a long-term investment compared to an ordinary keyboard, it is something that you will not regret. Plus, the enjoyment you will get can’t be measured!

The Advantages of a Mechanical Keyboard

To answer the question about a mechanical keyboard's lifespan, we need to talk about the design points that make this product a good investment. The major advantage that it has over an ordinary rubber dome keyboard is the switches. The common model features a rubber membrane that is responsible for transmitting the signal when you click on a certain key.

The main issue with this is that, although rubber domes are cheap to produce, they tend to wear out relatively quickly. In the long term, this will result in the keys becoming stuck and the overall performance becoming degraded. With this in mind, the main advantage is that mechanical keyboards use physical, mechanical switches. This allows not only for a better actuation force but also for more tactile and responsive operation.

Of course, the different advantages that you can reap from this product vary between specific models. For example, a keyboard that is highlighted by a Cherry MX mechanical platform will last a few years longer than your ordinary keyboard. Additionally, due to the linear design, it provides almost no feedback and is highlighted by a quiet operation.

Another great advantage is that mechanical keyboards are sturdier and more stable than scissors or ordinary ones. This is related to the longer lifespan and the fact that mechanical keys are not known for wearing out. What this means is that, after years of heavy use, you will still get to enjoy a smooth and accurate operation.

Allowing a single key to be invested in a number of complex combos contributes to your overall writing or gaming performance. This is mostly due to the improved tweaking, which allows for many more options than with an ordinary keyboard.

Still, while there are many advantages, we have to name a few cons just for the sake of being transparent. The first one is that mechanical keyboards cost more than rubber dome ones. This is not a surprise, considering the fact that they have a longer life span and sturdier construction. However, it still is an issue for those on a tight budget.

On the other hand, if you perform careful market research, you will find multiple reasonably-priced keyboards that are good for beginners. Additionally, this keyboard is not for someone who is triggered by the clicking sounds of typing. It is a fact that this is a common trait for all mechanical models. While professional gamers enjoy it, we understand there are some people who do not.

The Lifespan of a Mechanical Keyboard

The answer to this question depends on three different elements. The first element, and probably the most important one, is what mechanical switches are used in the particular model. An ordinary rubber dome keyboard is guaranteed for around 5 million keystrokes.

On the other hand, if we were to look at the Cherry MX models, you could expect anywhere from 30 to 70 million keystrokes. Those numbers can be roughly translated to 15 years of everyday use. The second important factor is what the mechanical keyboard is made out of. Most great value models come with an ABS housing and a stainless steel frame. 

On the other hand you get pro gaming keyboards like the SteelSeries Apex Pro used by pro gamers like Mongraal that can take 100 million keystrokes.

Last but not least, liquid protection plays a huge role in the keyboard's longevity. What this means is that you should invest in a mechanical keyboard that is spill-proof and easy to clean! Considering these three factors when making your decision will pay off for you down the road. All in all, investing in a high-end mechanical keyboard will give you over 10 years of optimal, tactile, and accurate performance


We did our best to present you with both the advantages and disadvantages of owning a mechanical keyboard. No one can deny that these keyboards allow for much better performance than an ordinary keyboard. As long as you are not on an extremely tight budget, you should consider this purchase a long-term investment. It is certainly a purchase that you will not regret later on!