How to Fix a Double Clicking Mechanical Keyboard

how to fix double clicking mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are a common choice among gamers for their longevity and reliability. However, sometimes they can be prone to problems like double clicking keys or chattering as you type.

Let's take a look at how we might fix these issues!

What is double clicking and repeating keys?

A common mechanical keyboard problem is that it double clicks when you click once. Other mechanical keyboards have a problem where the key repeats if it's held down.

A double clicking keyboard will often do this when you're typing and release one of your fingers from pressure on that button while still pressing another, or in some cases they may just be doing so randomly without any cause at all! If there is an issue with repeated keystrokes, the keyboard may be letting you press a key down and then quickly bouncing back up (or not fully settling) before pressing it again.

If your mechanical keys are double clicking or repeating when pressed by themselves they can usually easily corrected with these solutions below!

How to fix repeating keys on a mechanical keyboard

This can be caused by many different things, but often times the fix is simply to clean out the inside of your keyboard with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol.

If there are no such problems with buttons then we should move forward assuming this is just an issue where the keys are getting stuck. This can be caused by a few things, but there is one thing that most people will know how to fix this issue on their own: they might just need more lubricant in the form of hair oil or some other kind like WD-40.

If you're having an intermittent problem then it's possible your keyboard is just dirty and needs to be cleaned.

1. Clean and check for dust or dirt under the keys

A lot can happen with these keys if something goes wrong like liquid spills or food gets stuck under the key.

To clean your mechanical keyboard you can use a damp cloth and wipe over all the buttons and then dry it off. One minor thing people do not know about is how they need hairspray in their cleaning process.

You can also use rubbing alcohol, or some type of cleaner if you need to go a little bit deeper with your keyboard cleaning and want something more potent than hairspray. It's important not use too much water since liquid can get trapped in between layers.

You should also consider using an air compressor for more serious cases where dirt or dust might be sticking under them, but that's only if you want to get really deep into your keyboard cleaning process!

Remove the keycap first and then apply compressed air to the key that is repeating. You can also use a straw to blow into the key that is repeating, removing any debris inside of it. Replace the keycap and see if the problem persists.

2. Check your keyboard cable

However if there is an issue that's caused because of pressure on another button, you'll want to check the cable on your keyboard. This can typically be done by removing a few screws and looking for any kinks or damage in cables that might cause it not take enough pressure of one button before moving onto another one.

If you do find a kink or damage in your keyboard cable, it might be time to invest into some new cables and there are tons of options out on the market for keyboards that have detachable cords so they're easy enough just swap when one is broken!

3. Replace a broken keycap

If your keyboard is making a clicking sound and you've checked the cable to see if this was caused by it, then there may be something wrong with one of its keycaps.

Keycaps can normally be replaced fairly easily but you need to check that you get a replacement keycap that matches the switch stems you have.

4. Replace a broken switch (make sure to use the correct type)

The metal part that makes contact when pressed can come loose or break off entirely on some keyboards as they age; in these cases replacing will solve both problems! You can replace the switch using a solder or hot glue gun with care, using the instructions of your specific keyboard as reference.

If you have a hot swappable keyboard it much simpler and you can normally just buy another switch of the same type (linear, tactile or clicky) and then pull out the offending key switch and plug the new one in.

5. Re-solder connections on PCB board

The solder joints on the PCB board can break or come loose over time, causing errors in typing as well. If your keyboard is still under warranty and you are unable to fix it yourself then contact customer service who will give advice about sending back for repair/replacement without voiding any warranties! It could be a simple case of just re-soldering the connections on a PCB board.

Follow the guide in this youtube video below on how to resolder your keyboard pcb connections.

Keyboard Chattering

Another sometimes related issue that some people deal with is their keyboard causing a chattering sound when they type on it. This typically means there are particles caught under the keys or between them.

It might also be a good idea to use compressed air to blow out these areas first and this will alleviate most of the noise.

The last thing you want to do is take the keycaps off of your keyboard and shake it over a trash can or other open container. This should also be done with any loose screws that might have been left under there as well, which may not only produce noise but will make typing much more difficult for anyone who needs these keys later on.

Key chatter can sometimes also be solved by desoldering the specific switches and solder in new ones. This can normally be done by opening up the keyboard, removing the electrical solder and reseating it properly using a desoldering braid, which can be found through online retailers.

After this, you can reseat the switches and put it back together.


Usually you'll be able to solve most double click repeating key problems with a good clean of the keycap and switch with compressed air and alcohol. And if really unlucky you might need to replace the offending switch itself. There's also this Reddit thread that might be worth checking out for what other people tried when their keyboard was double typing.

If the keyboard double clicking problem persists then there might really only one thing left for us that we can do: replace your keyboard altogether!This will involve purchasing a new one. You may be able to find them secondhand, but if not you can always buy an inexpensive mechanical keyboard.

This is usually much easier than trying solve this type of problem with someone else’s expensive keyboard brand.