Dell S2716DG vs S2716DGR: Is There a Difference?

Dell S2716DG vs S2716DGR -

When it comes to gaming, everyone wants the best gaming monitor out there to ensure the perfect experience when playing. Dell has come around with various gaming monitors that are not only swift in design but also the ideal option for gamers when it comes to picture quality, quick response time, well-integrated speakers, compatibility, and much more.

However, Dell has launched two models of gaming monitors with almost the same model names, leading to a slight confusion arising in the minds of potential buyers on whether or not the models are the same. To clear this confusion, we will be thoroughly comparing both the models below and providing our verdict on whether there is indeed a difference present or not. So without further ado, let's get into these two models to find out!

Dell S2716DG Gaming Monitor

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Dell claims the Dell S2716DG gaming monitor is engineered in a way to elevate the overall way you game. This seems like a promising claim, especially when the specifications are thoroughly studied. The gaming monitor offers excellent motion handling, allowing for a great lag-free gaming experience.

This gaming monitor has a 27-inch, LED-lit screen with a QHD picture resolution of 2560 x 1440 or 3.68 pixels, which allows for greater details to be seen when compared to complete High Definition. The panel surface is anti-glare, ensuring light is not bounced off the screen too much.

A tilt and height-adjustable stand is installed with a panel mount interface allowing for comfortable gameplay for long hours and adjustments to the ideal display position. The stand is rectangular in shape and around 11.5” in width and 7.9” in depth. This allows for the monitor to stay put and firmly in place.

This monitor allows you to have the ultimate gaming experience with its extremely rapid response time. The G-sync refresh rate is 1 ms FAST Mode which ensures this. The monitor offers effortless connectivity to various secondary devices. There are a wide range of ports that allow for this, including USB, HDMI, and Display ports. The back of the monitor is sleek and simply designed, allowing for access to inputs made easier.

It has a 160 degrees vertical and 170 degrees viewing angle, allowing for a better widescreen display. The weight with the packaging of the monitor is approximately 22 lbs. The quality of the monitor is excellent even despite being made in plastic. The thickness is also average, with 6.2” width with the stand attached and only 2.2” if only the screen is measured. The borders of the monitor are also thin, and hence, multi-monitors can be set up together for a great gaming experience.

Dell S2716DGR Gaming Monitor

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The Dell S2716DGR is a great monitor for gaming purposes. It provides a great G-Sync refresh rate of 144Hz support, which is a major plus point. Furthermore, the overall monitor shows a great response time. There is noticeably low input lag on this monitor, which is a win-win situation for gamers. The monitor offers effortless connectivity to secondary devices as well through USB or HDMI jacks.

In terms of specs, this gaming monitor has a 27 inch wide LED display. The resolution is also up to the mark, at 2560 x 1440. The display is not curved, which is similar to most of Dell’s monitors. Its overall design is also sleek, and the more prominent feature that you will like about this gaming monitor is the frameless design. Although made of plastic, it is well constructed and can be given a solid 10 out of 10 for the quality it is made of. Dell promises that graphics will be jitter-free due to the crisp QHD resolution the monitor’s display offers.

There is an 11.5” rectangular stand at the bottom to ensure the monitor stays in place. There is also an option for height adjustment of the monitor, which allows for a more comfortable display for gamers. The ergonomics are excellent, just like all previous Dell monitors.

The stand also has a hole cut-out which allows for wires to be organized and easily managed. Not only that, but the monitor allows for portrait and landscape modes, which is another great plus point. The rear of the monitor is simple and seamless. It is easy to access the inputs as well.

Apart from this, the monitor is average in thickness when compared to other monitors. It is not too thick and not too thin. The borders of the monitor are around 0.3”, which can allow for multi-monitor set up. There is also a wall mount installed, with specs of VESA 100x100.

Dell S2716DG vs Dell S2716DGR: A Comparison

When comparing both the Dell s2716dg and Dell s2716dgr, it is evident that the specifications for both the gaming monitors are exactly the same. Both of the monitors offer the same display size, audio output, motion handling, compatibility with secondary devices, response rates, and picture quality too. Both the monitors offer excellent motion handling and are worth the buy, especially if you look at the price.

When each specification is compared one on one, there is absolutely no difference in the gaming monitors. Whether you choose to buy the Dell s2716dg and Dell s2716dgr, both the products will be the same. The only difference you will notice is in the model name. The extra ‘r’ added in the Dell s2716dgr model is a means to show that the gaming monitor is for retail sales. The Dell s2716dg can be purchased directly from Dell only.

All in all, is There a Difference?

All in all, when compared, both the Dell S2716DG and Dell S2716DGR have similar specifications and are excellent gaming monitors that can provide you with the ultimate gaming experience. However, the model names have led to a rise in confusion.

Many people claim that Dell launched the S2716DGR model because the ‘r’ in its name stands for retail sales compared to the previous model, which represents direct sales from the manufacturer, Dell. Both the gaming monitors are otherwise pretty much the same and offer the same overall gaming experience.