Corsair vs. Razer Keyboard: Which Brand is Better?

Not too long ago, keyboards for your computer were just another essential peripheral device that you received with your PC. But there is a new generation of keyboards that have emerged in the midst of the gaming gadget world. Recently, the humble keyboard, where your only concern was if it was ergonomically adaptable, changed into these much sought after gadgets for your desktop computer.

These new gadgets have different special features like multi-colored RGB backlighting and mechanical keys for super-fast response time. These keyboards are the latest gadgets for the hardcore gamer. There are many keyboards out there that have all these new features built into it, but there are two names that stand out in the keyboard for gaming war.

We will have a look at these two brands of computer keyboards and compare their special features and have a look at these traits to see if they really work to make these keyboards better and faster than the previous generation of keyboards.

The two brands we are looking at are real hardcore gaming keyboard manufacturers. They stand out from the rest and are becoming more famous for gaming keyboards than most of the other brands available on the market. So without further ado, let's see what it is all about. As a result, we have created this article exmaning Corsair vs Razer keyboard: Which brand is better?

The main features of these new generation keyboards

What is an RGB keyboard?

An RGB keyboard is a keyboard for a desktop computer with backlit keys. But that is an old generation, you would say. Not these keyboards. They are backlit keyboards with a myriad of colors available at their disposal due to the basic RGB factor.

These RGB keyboards have backlit keys that change the color of the backlight in a great variety of colors. These keyboards have full color LED backlit keys in a multitude of modes as well as different lighting settings that illuminate the keys from the side.

How does RGB work?

Describing the technical workings of RGB will take too much time and space, but the basic description is that these RED, GREEN, and BLUE colors are mixed in many different combinations to create the vast color spectrum available. This RGB principle or technology was first used in other devices like computer monitors.

Since the beginning of colored computer displays, RGB had existed but never before was it used to backlight the boring old computer keyboard. RGB is an old technology that is used in a modern way by using LEDs to backlight these modern gaming keyboards. Hence the RGB keyboard.

The differences between mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards

Keyboards with mechanical switches are quite different from your standard membrane keyboards. In the case of mechanical switches, the keys use mechanical activated keys. So what is the essential difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard?

Membrane keyboard

Membrane keyboards work by pressing the key down to make contact with the underlying electrical circuit. These keyboards are very quiet and popular among those typists who prefer a quiet environment where a low noise level is essential. Membrane keyboards are also much easier and cheaper to mass-produce. But these keyboards are not very popular among gamers because they are not as fast as their mechanical counterparts.

Mechanical keyboards

Now, what do we mean by fast? The mechanical keys are much more responsive and faster to register. This may sound like a very small amount of time saved when depressing a keyboard key, but when you type something, and you add all the keystrokes together, it comes out to a staggering amount and gives you a huge difference in time. Not to mention the fatigue difference between using a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard.

Let us have a look at some of the key features that set these two types of keyboards apart.

Speed: The speed difference is just one of the better features of a mechanical keyboard. Response time and time used when depressing the keys of a mechanical keyboard make a huge difference between the time spent, for instance, when typing a piece of writing.

Reliability: When it comes to gaming, reliability becomes an issue when each and every keystroke is important.

Accuracy: Accuracy is critical when it comes to typing, and that is where the mechanical keyboard excels. Because of the difference in the force required to depress the membrane keyboard keys, and that of the mechanical keyboard keys, less typing errors will occur. Only about half the force is needed to depress the keys of the mechanical keyboard keys, and therefore, fewer typos may happen.

Corsair keyboards

Corsair keyboards boast a vast range of multi-feature keyboards. These keyboards have a show of an extended amount of features that are much sought after by gamers and professional typists alike. These features may be anything from a myriad of back-lit colors to multimedia features and mechanical keys. Corsair keyboards also boast an elegant and clean appeal.

Because the keyboard is the first encounter when you interact with any computer, it is essential that you meet with a clean look and appeal. Corsair keyboards donate just that to the computer user. High durability is not just a feature but an inherent part of Corsair keyboards. When using these keyboards, it will be important not only to use them but to experience the Corsair keyboard.

Corsair keyboards are also available with membrane-type of keys for that quiet operating environment. But they do not stand up to mechanical keyboards when it comes to reliability and aesthetics. While mechanical keyboards are favored for their durability and fast response time, Corsair membrane keyboards make up for their high performance and functionality.

Features you may find on different types of Corsair keyboards

Mechanical keyboards

While speed and accuracy are one of the main factors in the selection of mechanical keyboards for professional users, Corsair keyboards excel in that range. Corsair keyboards make use of Cherry MX mechanical switch technology. These switches come in different configurations, each with their own unique features to make them one of the best switches used in mechanical keyboards. They are made with fast response and accuracy in mind. These keys give Corsair keyboards their unique effectiveness and reliability.

Features of the Corsair mechanical Keyboard

Corsair Keyboards come with an extensive utility software engine for control of all the extended features that are available. This software allows you to customize basically everything on Corsair keyboards.

The bouncy keys of Corsair keyboards, as well as the responsiveness of the keys and the comfortable layout of the keyboard, make them easy to use when fast reaction time is needed.

Corsair keyboards are compatible with some of the other gaming consoles as well. All Corsair keyboards are compatible with the Xbox One gaming console.

RGB backlight keys are provided with LEDs behind every key on the keyboard of the Corsair mechanical RGB range. These backlight colors can be controlled and programmed into a myriad of different combinations with the utility software engine provided with Corsair keyboards.

Some of the Corsair mechanical keyboards are spill and dustproof for extended reliability and durability. This is a good feature for those hardcore gamers to allow worry-free gaming for an extended time.

Corsair membrane keyboards

Corsair does not just provide mechanical keyboards. They also have some membrane keyboards available with a lot of nice features included and come with a much lower price tag attached to them.


Everything you can put on a keyboard like multimedia and your Windows functions and shortcut keys are provided with most of the Corsair mechanical and membrane keyboards. Corsair keyboards come with an anti-ghosting capability that allows you to press all the keys on the keyboard simultaneously but they will register individually.

Razer keyboards

Razer is a hardware manufacturing company that makes gaming hardware. The Razer gaming hardware company is involved in the design and manufacturing of many gaming hardware devices. The devices we are interested in are the Razer keyboards manufactured by them. Razer brand keyboards are high-quality keyboards that are able to withstand intense use and abuse for hard gaming and hard working. The right keyboard may be the key to a better gaming experience and much more comfortable working devices for professional keyboard users.

The aesthetic design of Razer keyboards leaves you with beauty and practical appeal all in one design. Razer keyboards are designed and manufactured with high durability and functionality in mind. But not just that; they are also designed to feel and look comfortable and are user and ergonomically friendly. Most Razer keyboards are designed exclusively for gaming and have the features to show for it. Razer does not just make mechanical keyboards as they also have a range of membrane keyboards available as well as a special design of a mix of the membrane and mechanical keyboards range.

Features you may find on different types of Razer keyboards

Mechanical keyboards

Razer mechanical keyboards meet the high standards needed for this type of keyboard with a great stride in every department. These Razer keyboards are durable, come with a unique design and a wrist rest attached to the keyboard, and are perfect anti-fatigue keyboards for extended use for gamers and typists alike. Razer keyboards use a custom design mechanical switch for their mechanical keyboard keys. These mechanical switches used in Razer keyboards are highly responsive and come with a control actuation system, which is important for fast registering of the keys when it is needed.

Features of the Razer Mechanical Keyboard

Razer mechanical keyboards come with a full control utility software engine called synapses that help you take control of all the extended features available on Razer keyboards. With the software, you can program all the features and keys of Razer keyboards, as well as the backlight combinations for a beautiful display of colors.

The mechanical keys of Razer keyboards are highly responsive for speedy and less error-prone typing due to the faster registering and the feel of the key switches. Most Razer keyboards are compatible with the Xbox gaming console, and a gaming console combo package is available for just that. Some of the most popular Xbox games are integrated with Razer keyboards.

Razer keyboards use the RGB LED-backlit feature to highlight the keys of all Razer keyboards. The software included with all Razer keyboards allows for extended programming and control of the RGB backlit feature. This control of the RGB backlit feature gives you a large selection of backlit coloring options.

Some Razer keyboards come with a complete spill and dust resistance feature that allows you to have complete gaming confidence. All gamers know that to be in the midst of any fight scene you do not need the extra worries of accidental spills on the keyboard.


The Razer keyboards come with all the necessary features available for keyboards to make your gaming and multimedia experience rich and full. They include all the standard features needed to make your professional life a better place when using the keyboard shortcuts for the operating system on your computer. Some Razer keyboards in the range also include anti-ghosting proficiency.

Razer membrane keyboards

Razer also has an extended range of membrane keyboards as well as hybrid membrane and mechanical keyboards available for the silent typing where that is required.

Corsair vs. Razer Keyboard: Wrapping Up

Both these brands have an extended range of features available for their keyboards. Corsair keyboards are definitely winning the war on the entry-level price front as well as on the high-end pricing. With the available features, both these manufacturers are fighting hard for the first position, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner in that category, and there, Corsair keyboards also take the lead. And if you look at all the features and the price, we have a better brand. Corsair!