Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X to Buy

Best Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X -

With the relatively recent release of the latest generation of consoles, we see the developers over at Microsoft pushing the limits of what they can do with their device. Your average run-of-the-mill home television may not cut it anymore, so you might want to take a look at a proper gaming monitor to use as your dedicated display.

Today, we are looking at five different gaming monitors that you might want to consider. Each has its pros and cons, and we'll be assessing the features you may be interested in. Without further ado, here are some of the best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X options.

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LG 27GN950-B Gaming Monitor

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Best Overall Pick

*Editor's Choice*

Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q Gaming Monitor

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Best Budget Pick 

SAMSUNG  Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitor

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Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor

Nixeus NX-EDG34S Gaming Monitor

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Best 144Hz gaming Monitor

BenQ Zowie XL2746S Gaming Monitor

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Best FPS Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitors for Xbox Series X Reviews

LG 27GN950-B Gaming Monitor

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Our first monitor comes from famous electronics manufacturer LG. This monitor contains many of the features you'd like to see when it comes to gaming, and it sets a benchmark for the rest of the review.


Starting with the base specifications, this monitor is quite large at 27 inches. More specifically, it offers you a 3840 by 2160 nano IPS display. With 4K Ultra High Definition, you can be assured that you can get the best displays possible out of your video games.

The monitor has a slim design with its four-sided "Virtually Borderless" display to ensure that you can get as immersed as possible when enjoying the latest in what the next generation of games can offer. More detailed specifications include an ultra-fast refresh speed of 144Hz and a one-millisecond response time IPS display, making for an incredibly immersive and realistic image with clear and crisp color rendering so that you can enjoy top-end clarity and detail in your display.

Additionally, the monitor is fully compatible with NVIDIA G-SYNC, having been tested using officially verified technology. This means that you can enjoy a considerable reduction in screen tearing and frame stutter for smooth transitions and video. You can also enjoy AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, which builds upon that seamless video experience to ensure uncannily fluid movement no matter how intensive or fast-paced the video game in question may be.

You also have access to Sound Sync technology with the RGB Sphere Lighting 2.0 that comes with the monitor. It will light up according to the sound output from your video game, matching the dynamic audio. Finally, you will also get the benefits of a Video Syncing mode paired with the Sound Sync technology to cause your RGB Sphere Lighting 2.0 to light up according to the game's visuals to further add to the immersive experience.

While this may be an excellent monitor with many great features, a few caveats hold it back and may make you a bit more apprehensive when looking to purchase this option. Firstly, there are more than a handful of complaints from users who point out backlight bleeding and poor QA control. The latter can be quite a problem, as you might end up receiving a monitor that is damaged or not up to par with what was advertised.


  • 4K UHD IPS display
  • Quite large, with virtually borderless display
  • Incredible speeds and display quality capabilities
  • Sound and Video Sync technology through the RHB Lighting Sphere 2.0


  • Poor QA control
  • Suffers from backlight bleeding

Gigabyte AORUS CV27Q Gaming Monitor

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There are a total of four monitors that we'll include in this section of the review, each of them quite similar in many aspects but with important distinctions that set them apart from each other.


We'll be looking at the CV27Q-SA, FI25F, FI27Q, and FI27Q-P. Starting with the first option, the CV27Q-SA is a 27-inch monitor that offers 2560 by 1440P resolution and curved VA display. This 1500R curvature helps for better immersion when playing, with this immersion being further supported by a 165Hz refresh speed and cinematic grade 90% DCI-P3 color accuracy.

An ultra-fast one-millisecond response time helps keep your video clear and crisp so that you can enjoy better video quality. FreeSync Premium Pro supports this. There is also built-in RGB LED lighting that uses RHB Fusion 2.0 and the app to create the perfect ambient backlighting for your monitor and gaming setup. The monitor also has an OSD Sidekick that allows you to customize the display.

Other features include active noise control to minimize voice distortion, a black color equalizer that reduces motion blur and visibility in darkness, and a game assist mode that helps you better control the display when gaming. That way, you can better take in and process the information that your game is presenting you.

Now, we can look at the other monitors and point out where they differ. Starting with the FI25F, this monitor is smaller, measuring only 25 inches and offering a 1920 by 1080 resolution. The refresh rate and response times are better, at 240Hz and 0.4 milliseconds, respectively.

This monitor also possesses NVIDIA G-SYNC compatibility and FreeSync Premium Support for additional display quality by reducing frame stutter and screen tearing, among other things. Finally, you can enjoy cinematic grade 100% sRGB color accuracy. This monitor has better specifications, but it is also smaller, has a lower resolution, and is cheaper.

Next up is the FI27Q, which you can think of as the 27-inch version of the previous option. With a resolution of 2560 by 1440 and many of the same qualities and specifications as the original option, the only significant difference is in its color accuracy. This monitor has a 95% DCO-P3 and a 10-Bit color depth and offers more color depth and realism. If you are more concerned about color clarity, this might be the right choice.

Finally, we have the FI27Q-P, which is similar to the other options but differs in that it comes High Bit Rate 3 ready.

When it comes to the downsides, there are very few to speak of. These monitors are all well-designed and well-built. There are several isolated cases of the screens suffering from light bleeding, though.


  • Each monitor offers anywhere from baseline display quality and up
  • Different options suit your specific wants, from color quality to overall display capabilities
  • Large display sizes
  • All options provide you excellent, cinematic-grade color accuracy


  • Sometimes suffers from light bleeding

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Curved Gaming Monitor

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When it comes to manufacturing devices, Samsung has its fingers everywhere and manufactures all kinds of products. Today, we are going to look at their Odyssey G5 line of monitors.


These monitors all follow the same general design and have similar specifications, with only a few minute differences that we can point out. They are categorized by their screen size, style, and color, and you can only have a few combinations between them. We will be reviewing them according to their style for simplicity's sake, indicating what sizes and colors are available for the corresponding style. Additionally, keep in mind that all these monitors are curved and have a resolution of 1440p.

Our first monitor's style is the QHD, 144Hz style, and it comes in two sizes but only in a black color. You have a choice of choosing between the 27-inch and 32-inch sizes. This monitor comes with a curvature of 1000R, matching the human eye's curvature to minimize any eye strain you might experience while gaming for an extended period while still providing you an immersive experience.

With a 144Hz refresh rate and a one-millisecond response time, you can expect an excellent and cinematic experience as you immerse yourself in the world of your video game. With QHD-style resolution, you can also expect a clear and crisp video that is free of screen tearing and stuttering thanks to AMD FreeSync Premium. Finally, HDR10 ensures that you can enjoy rich colors with deep blacks, bright whites, and detailed and colorful resolutions.

A step above is the QHD, 240Hz-style monitor, which is essentially an upgrade to the previous step without changing too much around. As part of the G7 series, you still get the options between 27-inch and 32-inch screens, but this time, you have to choose between blue or red, with no option for black.

The other significant difference is that you can now enjoy a refresh speed of 240Hz, a significant increase from the previous level. You also get access to NVIDIA G-SYNC in addition to AMD FreeSync, as well as Odyssey's Infinity Core Lighting. Finally, the monitor is a further upgrade with HDR600 and Samsung QLED technology.

The final step is the Ultra WQHD, 165Hz monitor. This comparable behemoth of a monitor is only available in black and measures 34 inches for those who enjoy a superb cinematic experience with widescreen capabilities. The refresh speed is lower than the previous one, but it is still good, with the Ultra Wide QHD screen offering you the best in immersive experiences, especially with the 1000R curvature.

This monitor has some unfortunate downsides holding it back. Namely, it suffers from terrible picture ghosting that can distract during games and cinematic sequences. The color quality and accuracy are also not entirely the greatest, with images looking poor.


  • Large to very large size range
  • All monitors have excellent refresh rates
  • Makes use of AMD FreeSync and, in some cases, NVIDIA G-SYNC
  • 1000R curvature makes for an immersive experience without straining the eyes


  • Screen ghosting devalues picture quality
  • Poor color accuracy

Nixeus NX-EDG34S Gaming Monitor

51EaIGaUItL 9 - Gear Gaming Hub

Our fourth item to review comes from Nixeus and is a behemoth of a monitor with many high-end specs for a not-too-high price.


This 1500R curved monitor features an ultrawide screen of 34 inches, with a resolution of 3440 by 1440 and an aspect ratio of 21:9. A refresh rate of 144Hz backs up this incredible size and resolution, with an AMD FreeSync Certified range of 48Hz to 144Hz. It also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC with all the latest compatible drivers.

This monitor also has a response time of one millisecond on PTR and four milliseconds on G2G. This creates one of the smoothest, crispest, and clearest images we have yet to see in this review. The 1500R curve further makes the cinematic experience far more immersive, with a color contrast ratio of 3000:1.

You’ve also got the option of changing your viewing angles up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically, for maximum possible comfort. The deal is finally sweetened by including a three-year manufacturer and customer support to ensure that all your needs are seen to.

The problem with all of these high-end specs is that there is more opportunity for something to go wrong, as the monitor has very fragile software. Additionally, the colors might not be the most palatable without some fine-tuning, which can take a very long time. There is also an issue with this monitor that causes a brightness flicker to occur when G-SYNC is enabled.


  • Massive screen with a curved monitor makes for a cinematic experience
  • Incredible specifications for the price
  • Very smooth and clear image
  • Excellent color quality once tuned to your computer


  • Colors may require fine-tuning out of the box
  • Rare brightness flicker when G-SYNC is enabled

BenQ Zowie XL2746S Gaming Monitor

31B0r0gMbLL 10 - Gear Gaming Hub

BenQ is known for creating incredibly beefy and high-quality computer parts and paraphernalia, and their gaming monitor is no different.


This 27-inch monitor is of average size as gaming monitors go, with a resolution of 2K DCI 1080p. The monitor is designed to provide a high-speed and smooth gaming experience, especially for consoles such as the Xbox Series X. It provides the console up to 120Hz of refresh speed through video overscan options. For the PlayStation 5, you will only unfortunately get up to 60Hz of refresh speed because of specific console limitations.

Dynamic Accuracy technology improves clarity during fast motions by removing screen tearing and flickering, while Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology enhance color quality.

You also have access to a color customizer to ensure you can mix and tune your color scheme to better suit your specific settings, giving you that added edge in competitive gaming. This monitor is rounded out with a 0.5-millisecond response time that prevents any kind of ghosting or input lag, and finally, a removable shield that can help you focus on the monitor only while blocking outside intrusions and distractions.

As a TN display, you are limited in your choice of viewing angles, so you might need to experiment with heights and adjustments to find the best angle for you. This monitor also only has an 8-bit display for color, while most others are 10-bit nowadays.


  • Excellent run-of-the-mill option
  • Designed to be used with the Xbox Series X
  • Uses technology to compete with other models
  • Speedy response times and refresh rates


  • Limited viewing angles
  • Only an 8-bit display


In conclusion, we'll leave you with some recommendations. Our top-choice is the LG 27GN950-B gaming monitor. A good budget option that is a close competitor would be the AORUS CV27Q monitor