Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are 60 Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are you a professional gamer or someone who is interested in investing in high-quality gaming equipment? If so, you probably know the importance of mechanical keyboards. These are ergonomic and seem to be much more suitable for hours of playing than the regular rubber dome ones.

Not only this, but a mechanical keyboard will give you better control and contribute to your performance. This is because you can adjust specialized key combos for FPS and MOBA games. While the advantages of investing in a mechanical keyboard are quite clear, there are a couple of different types that you can choose from.

Full-size and TKL keyboards have been around for some time. However, the 60% mechanical keyboard has become more popular in the past few years. The main difference between it and the aforementioned full-size is that it has 40% fewer keys. For most people, this doesn’t sound like an advantage.

However, the potential of this product lies in the fact that it comes in a smaller size and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk. Why is this so good? You will have more room to setup your big monitors, speakers, and mousepad.

Additionally, the lack of keys doesn’t mean that the 60% keyboard is not functional. Thus, we have decided to discuss both the pros and cons of this product, as well as whether it is suitable for gaming or not. Let’s get right to it and see the answer to "are 60 keyboards good for gaming?"

Main Benefits of  a 60% keyboard

  • More space for gaming
    You have more space on your gaming desk to fit your monitor,keyboard, speakers and mouse pad. And more space for moving your mouse while gaming. Also easier to angle your keyboard since its narrower.
  • Travel Buddy
    60% the size of a normal keyboard means you can more easily pop it into a bag or backpack and take it with you while travelling

  • Less hand and arm strain
    With being shorter and not having a number keys on the right, you can position your mouse closer to you keyboard and at a more ergonomic angle to the rest of your body. This can reduce strain on your mouse hand and wrist. 

What is the 60% Keyboard in the First Place?

This type of keyboard is just as popular as the TKL keyboards (80% size) and probably slightly less popular than the full-sized keyboard. The main difference is that it doesn’t feature the numerical pad, as well as the F row, which is common for regular keyboards.

Frankly, both of these are not something you necessarily need as an FPS or MOBA gamer. The fact that it is significantly smaller than the full-size keyboard means that you will be able to set your desk according to your needs.

Thus, you can reduce the potential of physical fatigue during your gaming sessions. We understand that there are certain people who would benefit from the numerical pad or the F row. Most 60% keyboard manufacturers know this, and that is why they have found a perfect design solution.

While the F4 key is missing, you can still get the same result by pressing the Fn key along with the number, which is 4 in this case. While this potential depends on the model of the keyboard that you have invested in and the brand behind it, this is the most common solution.

Video - Why do people use a smaller 60% Keyboard

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Additionally, you can also use the Fn (function) key along with WASD for navigating the page and game. Thus, if you want to scroll down, then simply press the Fn and S together. For left, the command is Fn and A (you get the point).

This also works for performing actions such as print screen. In this case, you will need to hold Fn and P together.

In our opinion, the portability, as well as the plain and modern design of the 60% keyboard, is something that is hard to beat. Still, does this mean that it will serve the purpose of a professional gaming keyboard? Let’s take a look.

The Advantages of a 60% Keyboard

To be honest, this type of keyboard is probably the best solution for any FPS gamer. If you have ever played Call of Duty, you know that the gaming mouse is probably more important. Bearing this in mind, you will want to have enough space for it.

For this purpose, the 60% keyboard is simply ideal. It features all the required keys that you can use during an FPS game. Meanwhile, you still get improved mobility of your mouse due to the increased desk space. On the other hand, if you are a League of Legends player, then this might not be the ideal choice for you.

We say that because the functionality of the keyboard is a huge factor when it comes to your overall performance. Still, we think that if you invest enough time into practicing, you will get used to this model and be able to reap the benefits of saved space.

One of the main advantages that this keyboard offers is the fact that you will get to enjoy a more customized desk setup. By adjusting the keyboard position according to your physical well-being, you will be able to reduce the stress on your wrists and shoulders. This is extremely important, considering the fact that gaming sessions can last for more than a few hours.

Video - 60% vs Full Gaming Keyboard | Which is the Best for Fortnite?

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A smaller keyboard will allow you to keep your arms in a more natural position. Thus, with your arms being closer to your body, you will not have to stretch as much. The benefit of increased comfort is something that no one can deny.

Last but not least is the portability of the 60% keyboard. If you are a gamer that is always on the go, then a product of this type will go a long way. It is convenient, extremely lightweight, and simple to pack up.

In most cases, the dimensions of this keyboard are somewhere between 12 x 5 inches and 10 x 3.5 inches. This is significantly smaller than a full-size keyboard and even the TKL keyboard, making it the best possible alternative.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to what type of gamer you are, as well as what the size of your gaming desk is. In our opinion, for anyone who is into first-person-shooters, the 60% keyboard is the ideal choice. It doesn’t lack any of the essential keys.

If you are going to use the missing F row or the numerical pad, you can do so by combining the Fn key and another appropriate key. Affordable, modern, and ergonomic, the 60% keyboard is something you should definitely look into if you are wanting a gaming keyboard that will help you up your game.