Hey, I'm Mario.

GearGamingHub.com was founded by me in August 2019. Being in the IT industry, well the software programming world to be precise, I've always been a techie and gamer at heart mostly console based. I started the site back then because I was a new dad and while I had bought my son 2 consoles (Nintendo switch and Xbox One), after buying an entry-level gaming laptop I quickly realised I knew very little about what the best gaming gear was to get for PC.

It really started with the need to get a proper gaming keyboard, my son was into Fortnite at the time and I really didn't know much about keyboard switches, actuation force and the different keyboard sizes like TKL and 60 percent layouts. It really was a whole new world at first and being good at technology research in my day job I thought I might as well create a site and share the information and recommendations I figured out along the way with others - and thats how GearGamingHub.com was born.

We want Gear Gaming Hub to be a simple no-nonsense gaming gear site for other casual (and pro) gamers to get help, advice and good gaming gear reviews from. Right now we're focused on gaming keyboards but will be expanded to other gaming gear very soon.

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My Background Story

The good old days growing up

Growing up I used to play all the old-school classics on my Nintendo cartidge based console. I remember riding to me friends houses so often
to swop cartridge games with them - back then there was no way to simply copy games and the internet was still in its infancy. It was all done by word-of-mouth and physically getting your hands on a game cartridge. Getting Super Mario World was probably one of my all time favourite memories looking back - I traded 4 of my game cartridges for that including a 100 games-in-1 cartridge but it was totally worth it. My excitement lasted forever as I replayed it over and over (learning the secret to warping from world 4 to 10 helped).

I levelled-up after that onto a ZX-spectrum which had a tape drive for loading games (I couldn't afford the disk drive). I could at least copy the tape cassette games from your buddy now. But the copy quality would seriously affect whether you could load the game or not. Loading a game took a good few minutes as it slowly created a pixelated image with moving lines in the background while loading on your TV. I remember trying to tune my old tape recorder countless times when a game wouldn't load properly. I mean being able to load Double Dragon on your ZX spectrum and play it for free when I'd spent so much of my pocket money in the arcade shop down the street, was an amazing feeling to a 12 year old.

A few years later I managed to work a bit in the school holidays and afford to buy my first PC, a sexy 386 SX 40 with 1 MB of ram and 256 shades of color grey-scale. But hey, I wasn't complaining, this baby was like a royals royce back then and Space Quest and Kings Quest are still on my top list of all time greats. I recall again cyling to my friends house with 20 floppy disks to copy one of them, and then after getting home and puttin in disk 10 and realising it had bad sectors......arrrrrrrggghhhh. Hahaha those really were the good old days.

That lead to a love of coding and tinkering with DOS commands and QBasic, which got me started down the path that lead to the software engineering career I'm in today.

The Present

When I got older, I got married and not long after we had my son Tyler. That brought me the joy sharing my love of tech and gaming with him all over again - starting him out with Puzzingo on Android at age 3 to learn pattern matching and shapes and then graduating to Minecraft (I think maybe everyone starts their kid there, or with Roblox). Later I got him a Nintendo Switch around age 5 or so (Labo was a cool addition) to get him into consoles. We spent ages racing on Mario Kart together.  About a year or so after, when he was 8 years old I added an Xbox One where he plays a mix of FPS games, Minecraft, Roblox and Puzzle/Strategy type games. I still suck at Fornite though, but he's a whizz at it. The Unravel games were awesome though, especially Unravel 2 where we could play co-op, so fun and teaches great problem solving.

But I recently, when he turned 9, I got an entry-level gaming laptop to teach him some coding and getting him more into the PC world. One thing I realised very quickly was that the laptop screen sucked, the keyboard wasn't great for dedicated gaming and my mouse was about as accurate as a blind man trying to find a needle in a hackstack. I also realised I didn't know enough about all the different gaming peripherals. It's not like back then when you didn't have a choice and the old keyboard or mouse you had was pretty much it.

And so started the journey to find out more, and lots of research which ultimately led to the site you're on now.   🙂

The Future

The idea is to keep growing bigger, and that means adding information about other gaming peripherals like mice, monitors, gaming chairs, VR and gaming setups in general.

I have two people that help create content for the site now. And I'd like to keep adding valuable content to the site and grow it to help as many newbies and experienced gamers with some of the same questions I have about gaming equipment.  

The ultimate goal would be to have my son and younger daughter come join me in running and growing the site down the road and make it a real family affair where we can share our love of gaming gear to keep growing geargaminghub.com together. Now that would be a full circle completed.